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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Bellevue?

Yes. There are marijuana dispensaries in the City of Bellevue. The city allows for the operations of marijuana dispensaries selling adult-use cannabis in accordance with Washington’s Initiative 502 (I-502). I-502 legalized recreational cannabis statewide and permitted the establishment of retail cannabis outlets in all Washington jurisdictions.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Bellevue?

Yes. Medical marijuana dispensaries exist in the City of Bellevue. The establishment of medical cannabis retail is possible in the city under the Washington Medical Use of Marijuana Act of 1998, which legalized medical marijuana use and sale in the State of Washington.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Bellevue?

While you may buy cannabis online in Bellevue weed dispensaries, buyers cannot have such products delivered to their homes. Cannabis purchased online may be picked up onsite on the grounds of a dispensary.

Visiting a Dispensary in Bellevue

Bellevue is home to some of the most well-supplied cannabis dispensaries in Washington. However, not everyone can buy cannabis at dispensaries in the city. Bellevue recreational dispensaries are not open to individuals under the age of 21 or who cannot provide valid, government-issued IDs when visiting the facilities. Still, non-Washington residents can purchase adult-use cannabis from recreational cannabis dispensaries in the city as long as they have valid IDs showing they are of legal age to buy weed in the city.

Bellevue also has medical cannabis dispensaries that sell medical cannabis to registered medical cannabis patients. Persons looking to buy medical cannabis can only buy cannabis if they have medical marijuana cards and government-issued IDs. While Bellevue weed dispensaries will sell recreational cannabis to non-Washington buyers, only Washington-registered medical marijuana patients may buy medical cannabis in the city.

Bellevue dispensaries have employees who are knowledgeable about cannabis and guide visitors in making the best choices in their shopping experience. Purchases are typically made with cash, as cannabis transactions via credit cards are not permitted by the dispensaries in the city. The dispensaries also have ATMs onsite, which buyers may use to withdraw cash for purchases. Note that Bellevue weed dispensaries do not sell more than an ounce of flower, 16 ounces of edibles, 7 grams of concentrates, and 72 ounces of liquid cannabis per transaction for recreational cannabis buyers. Note that it is unlawful to open or consume a package of cannabis on the premises of a Bellevue weed dispensary. If you do not know how to get to Bellevue dispensaries, put the phrase "cannabis dispensaries near me" in a search engine to find the physical address of retail outlets nearby.

Bellevue Dispensary Laws

Operational requirements for marijuana dispensaries in the City of Bellevue include the following:

  • Cannabis dispensaries may operate in the City of Bellevue upon obtaining the applicable state and local licenses and permits

  • A marijuana retailer may not be located within 100 feet of single-family and multifamily districts (R-1 to R-30)

  • A marijuana dispensary may not be located within 1,000 feet of another marijuana retailer or park

  • Cannabis products may not be opened or used on the grounds of a dispensary

  • Recreational cannabis dispensaries must verify the ages of customers to ensure that cannabis and cannabis products are only sold to persons aged 21 or older

  • Medical cannabis dispensaries may only sell cannabis to persons with Washington-issued medical marijuana cards

  • Dispensaries may not sell more cannabis products than is permitted under state law

Recreational Laws in Bellevue

Voters in Washington approved Initiative 502 in 20212, allowing the cultivation, processing, sale, and use of recreational cannabis. I-502 allows residents of Bellevue to possess up to 28.35 grams of marijuana and 7 grams of cannabis concentrates. They can purchase cannabis from authorized recreational cannabis dispensaries with valid ID cards confirming they are 21 or older.

Despite the legal status of cannabis for recreational use, it is still a civil offense to consume or open cannabis in public. Underage residents are prohibited from consuming or possessing cannabis or cannabis-infused items. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of cannabis or the combined effect of cannabis and other substances, such as alcohol. There is a limit of 5 nanograms of THC per millimeter of blood for those who operate or drive motor vehicles in the city. Anyone detected with a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit will be charged with driving under the influence offense. On federal territory, cannabis use is prohibited, and home growing of cannabis for recreational use is likewise prohibited.

Medical Cannabis Laws in Bellevue

The Washington medical cannabis legalization law (Initiative 692 or I-692) is the medical marijuana law in operation in the City of Bellevue. Patients with qualifying conditions approved for medical marijuana under I-692 can obtain medical cannabis authorizations from their healthcare practitioners to register in the state authorization database. Washington law permits a healthcare practitioner to authorize the use of cannabis for any resident in Bellevue, regardless of age, provided it is medically appropriate and the profession's standard of care under RCW 69.51A.030. Medical marijuana patients in Bellevue may possess 3 ounces of marijuana flower and 21 grams of concentrated cannabis or cannabis extracts.

However, Bellevue residents under the age of 18 are required to have designated providers to assist them in medical marijuana use. A designated provider is a Washington resident aged 21 or older who is the legal guardian or parent of a qualifying patient under 18. The designated provider must be assigned by the qualified patient to purchase, grow, or provide cannabis on the patient's behalf.

Note that registration in the state medical marijuana authorization database is voluntary. However, Bellevue medical marijuana patients under 18 and their designated providers are mandated to register. Patients between the age of 18 and 20 are also required to register and possess a medical cannabis card to be permitted to purchase medical marijuana products from approved retail stores. Bellevue residents not included in the state database will be limited to purchasing and possessing recreational quantities permitted under RCW 69.50.4013.

A qualified medical marijuana patient with medical cannabis authorization is allowed to grow four cannabis plants at home or any other private property, provided cultivation is done away from public view. Qualifying patients with valid registrations in the Medical Cannabis Authorization Database and medical marijuana cards can grow up to 15 cannabis plants, depending on the recommendations obtained from their healthcare practitioners. The number of plants that may be cultivated will be specified on a patient's or designated provider's authorization and card. Regardless of the number of qualifying patients or designated providers living in a housing unit, no more than 15 cannabis plants may be allowed for cultivation. The only exception is for registered cooperatives established under RCW 69.51A.250.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Bellevue?

To obtain a medical marijuana card in Bellevue, you must be included in the Washington medical cannabis database. To be eligible for inclusion in the medical cannabis database, you must have a terminal or debilitating medical condition approved by the Washington Department of health. You must also reside in Bellevue or another Washington location and be aged 18 or older. Approved conditions for medical marijuana in Washington include glaucoma, cancer, Hepatitis C, anorexia, cachexia, intractable pain, and PTSD. Note that mental health conditions do not qualify for medical cannabis use due to a shortage of scientific evidence supporting improved health outcomes from medical cannabis use for such conditions.

To prove that you have one of the qualifying health conditions, you must obtain medical cannabis authorization from a Washington-licensed healthcare practitioner. Such practitioners include an advanced registered nurse practitioner, medical doctor, naturopathic physician, osteopathic physician, osteopathic physician assistant, or a physician's assistant.

Upon obtaining medical cannabis authorization, contact a medically endorsed retail store in Bellevue or another Washington jurisdiction and schedule an appointment with a certified consultant in the store. The consultant will enroll you in the medical cannabis database and issue you a medical marijuana card. Note that your medical cannabis authorization and current government-issued ID card, such as a driver's license, will be required at the meeting. The store will charge you a fee between $1 and $10 for a medical marijuana card.

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Bellevue?

Cannabis use is only legal in Bellevue residents' private homes or properties. Using cannabis in public areas is not permitted. Cannabis use in multi-unit residences is also unlawful.

How to Buy Cannabis at a Bellevue Dispensary

You may buy cannabis online or onsite at a dispensary in the city. Although online cannabis purchases are not delivered to buyers’ homes, you may pick up your orders in-store. To buy cannabis for recreational use, you must visit the retail outlet with your government-issued ID card and cash to complete your purchase. To buy medical cannabis, visit the dispensary with a Washington State-issued medical marijuana card and cash. To find the addresses of cannabis dispensaries in the city, search online using the search phrase “weed dispensaries near me.”

The Average Price of Cannabis in Bellevue

One gram of high-quality cannabis in Bellevue costs between $10 and $15.

Most Popular Strains in Bellevue

Sunset Sherbet, Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, Sour Diesel, and Blue Dream are popular strains in Bellevue.

Can You Smoke in Public in Bellevue?

No. Smoking cannabis in public areas is illegal in the city. Smoking cannabis or cannabis products anywhere tobacco smoking is prohibited is not allowed.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Bellevue?

In the City of Bellevue, adults aged 21 or older are allowed to possess 1 ounce of cannabis, 72 ounces of liquid marijuana products, 16 ounces of edible marijuana products, and 7 grams of marijuana extracts and concentrates.

Bellevue patients can grow up to four marijuana plants and possess 3 ounces of cannabis, 216 ounces of liquid marijuana products, 48 ounces of edible marijuana products, and 21 grams of cannabis concentrates and extracts.

Can I Ship Cannabis to Bellevue?

No. Shipping cannabis across state lines in Bellevue is illegal.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Bellevue?

You may order cannabis online in the city. However, such an order cannot be delivered to your doorstep as cannabis delivery is illegal in Bellevue and Washington.

Are there 24-hour Dispensaries in Bellevue?

No. There are no 24-hour dispensaries in the City of Bellevue.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Bellevue?

Tourists in Bellevue with valid government-issued IDs may buy adult-use cannabis there. The IDs presented at the dispensaries must show that they are over the age of 21. However, tourists cannot purchase medical cannabis in the city.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Bellevue?

Yes. You need a government-issued ID proving you are 21 or older to visit a marijuana dispensary in the city. If you plan to purchase medical cannabis at a Bellevue dispensary, you must be 18 or older and have a Washington Department of Health-issued medical cannabis card.

Best Dispensaries in Bellevue

Green Theory and The Novel Tree are leading cannabis dispensaries in Bellevue.

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Bellevue?

Yes. Bellevue cannabis dispensaries scan customers’ IDs before allowing them to buy cannabis.

How Many Dispensaries are in Bellevue?

Although there are no official sources for the number of adult-use cannabis dispensaries in Bellevue, there are six medically endorsed cannabis stores in the city.

Can Dispensaries in Bellevue Take Credit Cards?

Bellevue dispensaries do not typically take credit cards. Dispensaries in the city prefer to receive cash for cannabis transactions.

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?

You may visit multiple marijuana dispensaries in one day in Bellevue. However, you will not be able to buy more marijuana or marijuana products than are allowed under Washington law.

Do Dispensaries in Bellevue Take Health Insurance?

Bellevue dispensaries do not take health insurance from buyers.

Do Dispensaries in Bellevue Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Yes. Bellevue dispensaries track how much weed is purchased by customers.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in Bellevue at Age 18?

In Bellevue, you cannot enter a dispensary selling weed for adults unless you are at least 21 years old. If you are 18 or older and possess a medical marijuana card, you may enter a medical marijuana dispensary in the city.

Where Can I Find the Bellevue Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

The cannabis regulatory agency in the City of Bellevue is the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB). You may contact the agency through the contact information available on the Board’s website. The Washington State Department of Health oversees medical cannabis operations in the city.

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Bellevue?

You may report illegal cannabis activities in the City of Bellevue to the Enforcement Division of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. You may also report illegal activities to the Bellevue Police Department using the online crime reporting tool on the department’s website or calling the PD at (425) 452-6917. You may report illegal medical cannabis activities in the city to the Washington State Department of Health by calling the department at (360) 236-4700.