Washington State Rules & Regulations

It’s been five years since Washington voters went to the polls and voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Now, there is as much confusion across different areas in the state, as there was before marijuana was legalized.

Under the state laws, growers have to follow the same rules as liquor stores, thanks to not yet classifying cannabis as agriculture. Cannabis growers cannot operate within 1000 feet of any parks or schools. They are also under huge pressure to meet operating regulations and provide security, and inventory tracking.

In the city of West Richland there has been complaints about the two stores in existence, about the smell. This has Benton County commissionaires ready to cap the number of new stores at the existing two.

In Spokane County there has also been a large number of complaints about the 160 growers and processors. Kittitas County doesn’t allow any marijuana retail in it’s unincorporated areas, begun by allowing growing to take place under an agriculture designation. They later moved to a stiffer set of regulations that meant zone classifications.

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